The End of the 9-to-5 Workday; Astronomers Find More Earth-like Planets; And More

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The Really, Truly, Newest, Earthiest Planets Yet — Until the Next Ones

Even if you’re a big fan of exoplanets — that is, worlds orbiting stars beyond the sun — the flurry of major discoveries over the past few months may have been hard to process. Astronomers have lately reported the blackest planet ever found, the most habitable, the one with the best Star Wars connection and, just a couple of weeks ago, the even-more-habitable-than-the-previous-most-habitable one — and that’s not even a complete list.

The ultimate goal, virtually all planet hunters agree, is to find a mirror Earth — a world about the same size as our home planet, with a relatively balmy temperature making it friendly to life. And a discovery just published in Nature takes scientists one major step closer to that crucial milestone. Using the powerful Kepler space telescope, a team…

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