Japan: Advisory Panels Call For Immediate Legislation To Prepare For Devastating Tokyo Earthquake

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By YOSUKE AKAI – “Saying Japan’s very survival is at stake, two advisory panels urged the government to take immediate action–including finding an alternative capital–to prepare for an earthquake that could devastate the Tokyo area.

The working groups are discussing measures to deal with massive quakes that could be triggered by movement along the Nankai Trough as well as one directly under the capital.

In an unusual move, the groups called on the government to pass legislation for the quake-preparedness measures even before estimating the number of fatalities and damage from such temblors.

‘There is a need for the entire society to deal with the two quakes that are expected to cause extensive damage,’ according to interim reports released on July 19 by the two working groups, respectively.

Passage of special measures laws would allow a wide area covered by the studies to take effective measures to deal with the…

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