Braveheart, kisah perlawanan Sir William Walace of Scotland vs diskriminasi Inggeris

Surosowan Tb Arief Z-art

Braveheart : Sir William Wallace Skotlandia dan puteri Inggeris

Braveheart is inspiring story of struggle or fight for get freedom choose of right. This story come from Scotland against British oppression, corruption and discrimination to Scotland.

Scotland past history also near similar history as Majapahit, Sultanate Banten Darussalam have battle against British, when self right get attack and manipulate by British. Even Sultanate Banten have also killed and massacre British and rob their ship treasure.  Also Scotland at their time. And had entittle as Barbarian sovereign main opponent dangerous threat to British.

Even at modern time, family of Surosowan or Sultanate Banten Darussalam beside relate as part genetic from Dutch, also found relate with Scotland (also old and feodal family citizen at US), than none with England/ British.

Also at traditional suite have similarity with line motif, as suite native of royal Surosowan and Scotland units, or as royal soldier guerilla of Surosowan and Scotland honour.

As my mother had told me, British people character also as arrogance. That’s why Sultanate Banten have attack and rob British.

When Scotland at Sir William Wallace still declare battle against British. British try to use Ireland as coalition. But Ireland turn coalition with Sir William Wallace guerilla destination.

The early matter how Sir William Wallace declare opponent and battle against British because matter of lady girl mate.

Even at this modern time, British still try to dominate with as Scotland put down as inside Empire of British dominate.

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