The aesthetic-art view Jakarta-king 5 with Raja Ampat, West Papua-Indonesia, by Prince Jakarta-Tubagus Arief Z

Surosowan-Jayakarta-Tubagus Arief Z-art doc

Elang bondol fly. Elang Bondol is mascot satwa Jakarta-as fly-bebas aktif. Efek Adobe Psd, by Prince Jakarta, Tubagus Arief Z

Tb Arief Z-art

Fly over metamorfosis. By Tb Arief Z-art.(2012) Lukisan cat akrilik di kanvas 120 X 90 cm. Price : Rp 2.5 juta/ 2,5 million rupiahs

Prince Jakarta family as elder noble of Surosowan, that first palace is at Sultanate Banten (old Banten), symbolize with 5 at the begin establish Sultanate Banten Darussalam at 1526, with the help of noble moslem Cirebon, Majapahit (then become Mataram), Samudera Pase, Demak (that become vanish Sultanate). And there also history with the name of Raja Ampat of four-Sultanate Tidore dynasti.

What know from history, Sultanate Tidore also genetic of Sultanate Ternate, also genetic of Sultanate Gowa, that before name with Sultanate Gowa-Tallo, then simplify unite as just Sultanate Gowa.

From book Makkutaknang manuntungi, by Drs. Djirong Basang (published by Balai Pustaka), about history of  Sultanate Tallo as the elder establish sovereign at east Indonesia, Prince Syekh Yusuf, relate privilige with Sultan Tallo, marry with younger sister Princess of Sultan II Banten, Maulana Yusuf.  Then at book also mention the next generation of Sultan Tallo also from Syekh Yusuf son from his marriage with Princess Banten.

Till Sultan Gowa, Hasanudin, national hero, who also known as : Ayam jantan dari timur. Who also get famous when fought against Dutch colonnial at the age of revolution industry, when Dutch create Oonrust armada, first ship army of Dutch with machine.

When sovereign Gowa get defeat by Dutch, even make British surprise. Cause Sultanate Gowa had known as strong sovereign around that time.

That happen to sovereign Gowa, also make thought as which between mystical with sains, which stronger.

From this history find that Sultanate Banten/ Surosowan family; include Surosowan-Prince Jakarta family also relate cousin with Sultanate of east Indonesia.

Even at Jakarta there still area name as Kampung Betawi-Makassar. Beside Kampung Melayu, and Matraman.

Or as name of mount Jayawijaya, at Papua since ancient time. At history view actually relate with dominate of Mataram-Java kingdom at Papua, at ancient time. Then ancient Mataram kingdom till at modern regeneration become many Sultanate/ sovereign of Islam with palace around Java.

Also have heard, Papua native feel different just through physically side, as  a view opinion or question. But if study more about Indonesia native chronology, also find that all of native Indonesia also there exist with indo-genetic from Austronesia, of maybe from north Africa. There also as Indian with many tribe (suku-suku bangsa). Beside there also debate, who is the early native at South Africa and there opinion also from Indonesia as at Madagascar.

Or if analyze through what look from physically side of all North Africa, there could see many or plurality physical of Africa, as example with black or white skin, kinky or straight hair.

And not only at north Africa actually could see the plurality of native physically as at all Indonesian native.

That symbol of five as put build at mosque Banten roof, relate with symbol harmony of Islam ( rukun Islam) that consist with 5 harmony, at mosque Demak symbol with rukun Islam, rukun iman, rukun ihsan. Beside Islam also teach GOD, ALLOH create human also as Caliph (leader) at surface of earth, as since Prophet Adam ‘as., and his mate wife Siti Hawa put from heaven at earth, then struggle back to  heaven.

As through education about Indonesian, there found with many tribe at national Indonesia, but still relate native genetic, as word from Sabang to Merauke, Indonesia.

My mother had told me, that all the kings of Indonesia even with Malaysia, Brunai Darussalam also all relate, as there find through learn from history genetics of all kings family around South east Asia, even with Phnom (Cambodia king)/ Khmer dynasti (Cambodia and Vietnam king), and Thailand royal family king (Thaksin royal family). Even with the last royal family of China/Manchuria, or Sung Pu Yi. As there find with history the marriage of Wali Pandhita Ratu, Syarif Hidayatulah, Prince-Sultan Cirebon with princess Ong Tien, daughter of the second Emperor of China, Hong-Gie.

Even through movie, history also there find, that royal family of Korea and Japan also have relate genetic from past history.

Even there war at past history between many kings of Asia, as at China history known as story 9 sword kingdom. With the main reason predict, cause  matter of authority, territory, national matter, fortune, economy.  Or as could fine sometime between Indonesia and Malaysia at modern time.

Or through small view at member of family, between brother or sister sometime there with debate.

As when President Soeharto era, he also often meet with King Cambodia, Norodom Sihanouk. As also find at history, actually Soeharto also part genetic of noble Sultanate Mataram, Ngayogyakarta palace.

And when people watch TV, they make opinion as, their face also look same.  Beside Soeharto also known have near connection with King Norodom.

As i remember at that time  middle of1980’s era, watch serial episode 21 jump street that also had actor Dustin Nguyen, Prince from Vietnam with Johny Depp. As sometime they play undercover youth agent as naughty teenage student to catch criminal.

Also as i read, Indonesian also call as Polynesia consist with many tribe include: Melanesian (Melayu), Papua Melanesia (Papua-Melayu), Mongoloid (indo-Chinese), Weddie (or Aryan, European/ Caucasia-Melayu). And at one family there are member of family with many physical part all of that.—ampat~sub4~11.html

Surosowan-Prince Jakarta-Tubagus Arief Zart doc


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