Story of Prophet Muhammad privilige-authority take Shuffiyah, Princess throne of Israel as wife

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Tubagus Arief Z-art

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my mate to wife or avengers

my mate to wife or avengers

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Prophet Muhammad SAW., arrive at Fathul Khoibar day
At that day at 6th century, the last most privilige Prophet, Muhammad SAW., come to Khoibar, that at that day with whole of his guerilla struggle, had dominate ex-territory of Israel. Prophet Muhammad SAW also from elder high most privilige noble royal family of Prophet Ismail, elder brother of Prophet Ishak (Prophet Isaac) or as Jew dialec tittled Prophet Israel. So also come as to caliphate authorize.

Actually, even Prophet Muhammad SAW., community also call moslem, but his people also consist moslem from around Arab, Africa, even till Asia, and Israel that enter as moslem, as tittle Anshor people.

When Prophet Muhammad SAW., urban migrate from Mecca to Madinah, before Madinah named Yatsrib, a territory that had established by Israel or Jew, since by their anchestor Prophet Ishak/Isaac, and his elder brother Prophet Ismail established at neighbour territory, Mecca.

When Prophet Muhammad SAW., begin at early periode with his moslem community at Mecca, that also even as minority but grow at that early periode begin, also had opressed by authority government of Mecca at that time, Abu Jahal,and his henchmen. Abu Jahal actually also had relate family as uncle of youth-Prophet Muhammad SAW., that at time start enter to his 40th years age.

At that time, even Prophet Muhammad SAW., also part of a high privilige noble of Quraisy,also indo genetic of Arab, ancestor of Arab and Israel, Prophet Ibrohim as (Prophet Abraham at Israel dialec) at Arab, but he also call as his controversy at evil Arabians as Jahiliyah people.

At that time, noble family also still had privilige right and influence. But when faith, opinion, controversy even to battle against among noble also make two side.

At ancestor age of time, Prophet Ibrohim ‘as., had united 2 wifes, one from daughter of Chief Ibrani (some tribe of Arab that since Prophet Ishak become Israel/European), Siti Sarah ra.,, one is the most pretty woman from slave of King Africa, Siti Hajar ra. King Africa give Siti Hajar ra., to youth Ibrohim ‘as., as gift as King known him genetic of Prophet family, that also known even at that ancient time, as Prophet family also had privilige right from the first king, Idris ‘as., also with privilige right of the most great kingdom. Even when youth Prophet Ibrohim not become a king at his time. But GOD, ALLOH SWT., also told to him, as at some of his generation become great king, and dinasty of great kingdom, and most what make Prophet Ibrohim proud, at some of his generation also told to him, become Prophet, till the last Prophet. Even after the last Prophet Muhammad SAW., among of his generation still become high priest, Ulama of Islam, till at this time.

And even there still kingdom, Queen, Prince and Princess dynasti also as fortress side of authority, independence, freedom, humanity, wisdom, justice, right, rationality, capability, strategy and Islam.

As Prince throne of Saudi Arab,(from uncle and younger relate of dzuriyat-Prophet Muhammad SAW,grandson of Prophet Ismail, as elder to which are dynasti-Abbasid) that just throne as King of Saudi, had said, Islam is the great inherintance.

That from his 2 wifes, first born, Ismail ‘as., as elder brother, and then from his first wife, Sarah ra., born Ishak ‘as., as younger brother.

Even Sarah, the first wife had envy from Siti Hajar ra., cause born first son, as elder of Prophet Ibrahim generation.

And Indonesia ancient history, at early time also half genetic from Austronesia/Africa. Beside there also said, there old tribe as become native at Africa actually from Java, at Madagascar, that become native people of South Africa. This opinion also said from believe that Prophet Adam, as first human at earth had thousand son, among of them spread at Java, and around Indonesia.

Even now, the elder dzuriyat Prophet Muhammad SAW and elder Prophet Ismail, from analytic, found now at Java Sultanate royal family.

The most elder are Prince Jayakarta royal family,(kasepuhan gunung sepuh), that also still from as elder privilige right, still had right to establish Sultanate of Jakarta. Even at this modern time, don’t have palace, cause had burn at old time 16th century, by Dutch colonial, Gov.General J.P.Coen. But one group of family Prince Jayakarta, as second Royal-Bupati Jayakarta also still had assets as agriculture farm land around Java. That also at classic time had become important modal as Sultanate Banten Darussalam golden age, through Pamarican, that by Dutch and at Europe had known as no.1 spice quality product. Beside at modern time now, also had as caucasian generation since 19th century

Beside actually at privilige right of great kingdom, had as Elder Emperor dzuriyat great kingdom Darussalam. Even from ancient history, there also from Pajajaran kingdom as mean, Parallel sovereign palace, that the elder are royal of Prince Jakarta. And Islam also teach about consider justice, right, worth of function (maslahat, manfaat, guna), rationality (pertimbangan akal sehat).

So as family law, the elderer group of family also had most prime authority privilige right, even if not become king, but also tittle as elder noble, or royal kasepuhan at Java tittle.

When Prophet Muhammad SAW., arrive at Khoibar, their princess throne king, Shufiyah (ra.,) also had held.

Early, Dihyah also king at some south Arab territory, Yaman and Dubai now (from younger relate royal family), also Commander at some troop group, had choose Shuffiyah take as war prize as his wife. But Prophet Muhammad SAW., that also had arrive there, also had suggest to take Shufiyah as his wife. And cause Prophet Muhammad SAW.,also had interest to Shuffiyah (ra.,), then Prophet Muhammad SAW.,with his higher authority order to Dihyah, now Shuffiyah (ra) is mine. And cause Shuffiyah also more prefer be as good helping wife (as also enter as moslema) to Prophet Muhammad SAW., also had her prize tittle, ra., or radiyalloHu anHu, as tittle of people who get GOD ALLOH bless to become heaven community.

And these right also part of privilige right mostly prime of elder part royal family of dzuriyat Prophet Muhammad SAW, as now Prince Jakarta royal family privilige right, or authonomy right (as from ps 18 UUD 45 Indonesia, Chapter native country authonomy right).

Why found elder dzuriyat Prophet Muhammad SAW., at royal family of Sultanate Java through history analythic

Through history of Cirebon, there mention, Syekh Jamaludin al-Husain ra., had 3 son, which are:
1. the elder is Syekh Ali Nurrul ‘Alim.
His generation become Syarif Makhmud Abdulah, Sultan of Mamluk, Egypt, then had 2 son, elder is Syarif Hidayatuloh, second is Syarif Nurulah (younger relate that become the next continue Sultan of Mamluk dynasti at Egypt, that also rule at Egypt and Libya), also had younger brother put early as Syarif Quds/ Palestine, then become Sultanate of Quds or Palestine. Then at middle era of generation, there Prince throne moved to Java, known as Sunan Kudus, or Raden Iman, till Sunan Kudus II continue as General of Suronata also son of Raden Iman, Raden Ja’far, that also half genetic of royal native, Prince Majapahit.

Syarif Hidayatuloh generation become :
1. Elder, Prince Jayakarta/Jakarta royal family, or also tittle kasepuhan gunung sepuh (top elder of elder).
But controversily at these modern time, top elder of royal family,as at inconsistency or wrong consequence bill of right at reality now, didn’t had each as consequensely top elder dzuriyat royal family privilige right.
And as controversy with wrong inconsistency, injustice as their younger relate had more profit with richness, or had privilige profit.

Beside at whole manner, tradition, teach, civilization, even through religion, had teach, as consequence elder had more right authority, right to honour from younger relate. As there as each family manner at the world. Even at younger relate also had become Sultan or Sultanate group and had own at each country authonomy right. At top elder family also had with top elder authonomy as at authonomy of Prince Jakarta family, even at grow age also as youth age. Or also could tittle youth top elder, or kasepuhan muda.

Beside adapt with what as capable now, and self family matter to concern as each right consider balancingly. Beside royal family of Prince Jakarta also had inner privilige right as Sultanate Jakarta right and mission to establish. Or as at each noble royal family concern with to conservate what left castle had own. Even now at my family also part of left Prince Jakarta royal family, as left luckily with had ruin of castle with farmland agriculture to conservate and develop as to agrobussines, as inner mission.

As each Caliphate also with each mandate with establish justice and right.

2. Elder gunung sepuh Maulana Hasanudin become dinasty gunung sepuh/ elder mountain royal family of Sultanate Banten Darussalam.

At dinasty of Maulana Hasanudin the first Sultan Banten that throned by his father, Ki Sunan Gunung Jati Syarif Hidayatuloh, there also generaton from elder of his son till younger of his son.

3. Elder and kanoman of dinasty royal family of Sultanate Cirebon.

2. the second son is Syekh Barakat Zaenal ‘Alim
Syekh Barakat Zaenal ‘Alim generation enter from Gujarat (that one had become Sultanate, than at national era become India and Pakistan), than also enter at dinasty of the first Sultanate of Indonesia, Samudera Pase. That also tittle as dinasty of Makuta Alam, among generation also there Prince throne that had moved to Java, Prince Fadilah Khan, or also known Fatahilah, the first Bupati of Jayakarta, at his era also part official of Sultanate Cirebon.

And at Makuta Alam generation, through history also spread had establis each sovereign around Sumatera, as at Palace of Bukttinggi, Padang or royal family of Tengku Padang, or also tittle elder of Padang (kasepuhan Bukittinggi, Padang), Sultanate Aceh Darussalam, Sultanate Deli (at Medan). (Terdapat di sejarahnya Sisingamangaraja XII waktu mendatangi duluan ke Tengku Padang, karena sulung. Di samping ada Ibu Yo/Siti Johana Menara Saidah juga puteri Datuk ketua di istana Bukittinggi, dan Ibu Yo sebagai Uwak jadi masih keponakan).

At now, at mountain of Padang also near Bukittinggi, just found artefact that archeology believe from thousand of bc., as artefact that indicate Padang as elder sovereign at Indonesia even at South east Asia. But from religion story, Kingdom of Idris ‘as., Lion of GOD ALLLOH, is the first kingdom of the world at early ancient time history of human and earth, and the top elder dzuriyat generation at Prince Jakarta royal family now, and at elder mountain dzuriyat at sovereign Banten Darussalam royal family.

3. Hikayat Jauhar Manikam. Story of Princess Iraque had married with prince throne of Jordan and become Sultana there.

As from history of generation from Abbas, uncle of Prophet Muhammad SAW., at 8th century, ‘Abbas as-Safah after defeat Umayyah dinasty, that had long dominate at 7th century also with traitor, evil, tyranni authority at end their authority at middle east, also terminate with savage way with sword and bloods of most Umayyah dinasty. Abbas as-Safah also mean Abbas who spill bloods of Umayyah. Then Abbas as-Safah also first become Sultan and establish Abbasiyah dinasty, capitol and with center palace at Baghdad, Iraque.

So at that time princess throne at Sultanate Iraque is Jauhar Manikam, who at her kingdom also had get stole by her Prime Minister, that make her immigrate to sovereign Jordania.

Jordania and Suriah also near relate at past, so through this history also mean from part genetic of Abbasiyah dinasty. Or also mean from uncle dinasty of dzuriyat Prophet Muhammad SAW.

At Jordania at that time united sovereign with Suriah, Prince throne also had problem nearly put down his throne cause Prime minister had nearly take his sovereign. But as princess Jauhar Manikam came, also help him save his throne. Cause of that Jauhar Manikam prize with throne her as Sultana, also she married with prince throne.

Then from Jordania, Jauhar Manikam with combine army take back her throne at Iraque.

And this story also famous till at time of sovereign Islam of Indonesia, also at South east Asia. So also there road jl.Johari at west Jakarta, that also at older people who lived there most from Sumatera.

Also territory at now at Malaysia, Johor, that once and name from Sultanate Riau (that Sultan dinasty also half genetic from Bugis, half from dzuriyat Barakat Zaenal Alim), that had succeed send army expedition conquer at Malacca territory, then he name Johor.

As now there program at Malaysia nation, name JOHHRR, to solve flood problem.

At past Sultanate Gowa from Sulawesi, also younger relate cousin of Sultanate Banten, at 15th till 18th century also dominate at South Africa. So there name as Tanjung Kape/Tanjung Kahfi, or Cape Verde, Cape town.

Beside at north east Africa also there Sultan Mamluk that dominate at Egypt and Libya, also younger relate cousin of Prince Jayakarta, Sultanate Banten and Sultanate Cirebon. Beside Bugis sailor also known as an expert of making boat, sailor, traveler around the world. And also Bugis Sailor with pinisi sail boat who first found Australia.

At west north Africa, at past Alawiyah dinasty dominate there. But at history they also said not from dzuriyat Prophet Muhammad SAW., genetic. Now become as also there sovereign at each nation, at Morrocco (that had conquer Spain), Tunisia. Beside Aljazair (once had become part of France colony, but also through struggle had proclamate national independence). So at Aljair citizen also there native and indo France, as an example former great captain soccer at team France that also had become coach, Zinedine Zidane.

When Karbala tragedy, the last of Hasan-Husain family, moved to north Africa with brought body, son of Hasan ra., and Husain ra. Also get protection by there from Umayyah dinasty hunt them.

At Suriah now, that just from my observation, start at when police or as join troop with some military that first make mistake by hit wildly to Suriah demonstran from people as i watch from tv.

Then there rebel group establish. At early there only internal matter, but then strangely, US military through high politician as event President Obama interfere. Even also with Israel military suddenly also make attack at Suriah.

And President Assad also mistake by not drop trial court of justice at that first incident to people of Suriah, but US military and President Obama, and indicate combine with influence from Israel also start put interfere through military.

Then also there with chemical weapon, that as Chief of UN, Ban Ki Moon from south Korea that his nation also get backup from US with that nation conflick with north Korea, then Ban Ki Moon also report through UN inspection team, also found chemical weapon use at Suriah. Info from Ban Ki Moon also still questioning with confuse as is it true or not.

Beside Assad also told through media, he wasn’t use chemical weapon, that chemical weapon had slipped by US and Ban Ki Moon team as put slander to Assad.

As i know since teenage read from magazine about royal family of Suriah, there also put wrote of Basheer Assad name. He also look stylish, tall, handsome, serious and smart character. His mother is from British, as married with his father, King of Suriah, as inform there as sovereign Islam at middle east that also become avant-garde put modern acculturation at sovereign and nation of Suriah. Then after many years just found he also genetic from dzuriyat, from sayidina Husain ra., and through that Jauhar Manikam story also found as younger relate cousin from far at Middle east, even at 80,90’s, 2000’s still as rich sovereign. So why i had feel as had seem him somewhere, then remember among my relate there also had with similar face. But also at different condition of economy, while there he is with high position as President of nation Suriah, also with his sovereign, while me,family and relate with lost sovereign, palace or castle since 18th century, and with middle to poor economy condition at Indonesia, beside he is indo British, and me with family relate indo Dutch, also same indo European, caucasian noble dzuriyat, but don’t know now, and now with different security condition.

Beside with my family relate also had cousin in law also from former President of US family (leader figure at WW II), but there none of them at high politician there as now change Obama that also born from Jakarta, but also heard also influence by Israel.

Matter of politic and matter of human rights connect or separate with what justice, right, humanity, beside still as global public.

As global public, same genetic from Prophet Adam ‘as., all human are relate, but also with bless different right, since GOD ALLOH SWT., put one of Adam ‘as., great grandson, Idris ‘as., put and throne as first King of high Caliphate.

Caliphate or leadership also had function to manage civilization (peradaban) of humankind and earth. And through GOD ALLOH order also give mandate to human as Caliphate or leaders as with to establish for justice, and right.

As Prophet Muhammad SAW., said, You are all leaders, and all leaders have each responsibility.

As also translate by moslem, human lead at each position, each authority, as to create right authority.

Also through history of great first ancestor, Prophet Adam ‘as., also had mistake, and his mistake also cause at sometime influence by satan, beside by female, at that time the first is Siti Hawa (or also mean ‘air freshness’ to Adam), or at Israel dialec name Eve.

So from GOD ALLOH also had teach to Adam, to marry, even at early time with only easily term.

GOD ALLOH create Eve also as mate to Adam, cause also known, Adam as humanbeing is lonely and feel less as human without Eve. Beside even through Adam passion with Eve, even had influence by little conspiracy manipulate of satan, make both had seen their nakedness, through art aesthetically primely at Eve or female naked beauty at eye sight of true male part of passionate.

And also GOD ALLOH that have create human as that basic nature behaviour, also with different organ part compare with Angels. Human have passion, Angels not Create by GOD ALLOH as that.

Even at history of Prophet Muhammad SAW., had said, at sometime satan also make some right.

And satan with evilness also create some manipulation that also as criminality, that more worst list do, and forbid do that. Criminality that also as crime, traitor, corruption, dictator and tyranni at global, nation and humanity. Over stingy when also have capable help to humanity.

And from Bible Qur’an there GOD ALLOH SWT Word, Amar Makruf Nahi Mungkar, as translate to establish right and to against crime or evil manipulation.

Beside that, also cause since first human, Adam also Eve, also had make mistake, by GOD ALLOH also tittle as Khilaf creature. Beside before had put and raise human as Caliphate at earth.

Through these story, also there translate, GOD ALLOH As Creator, also As An Experiment. As GOD ALLOH also inform, earth are temporarily thing or lab. But if through earth also create justicely and kind, so the experimental through GOD ALLOH Bless, could continue with more age.

As if match with GOD ALLOH Bless,also with adapt with realization Justice, Right, kindness, loveable from GOD ALLOH, as from Bibble, include Qur’an, from earth could also be path to Infinity. As from Bible Qur’an, GOD ALLOH Word, Good also prize with Good. Oppositely evil also avenge with evil.

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